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Ort:  DE 23669 Timmendorfer Strand

Stilrichtung: Rock

Homepage: www.schoolofrock-online.com

Telefon: 0176-638 789 97

Über mich/uns
Anyone who plays an instrument, or sings, or is interested in technical stuff can sign up for this course. You can create own band, select band names, and design your own band logo. Of course, you can also write your own music or you can cover songs. The sort of music you play can be anything from classic Mozart sonatas to the hard rock riffs of AC/DC!

Later on in the course, we’ll dissect and clarify some stereotypes of the music business (for example: “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Live Fast, Die Young”). You’ll also be able to join in one of the many excursions we have lined up. (Past excursions include a visit to the Rock 'N' Pop Museum in the Netherlands, music festivals -- including backstage passes -- or fun activities like the Wonnemar swimming pool in Wismar, Germany.)

And then there is our ultimate goal: the Band Battle. Each year all bands play in front of a jury and audience on a professional stage. And that includes all the important things that belong on a stage: laser, fog, and, of course, a huge sound system.

There are great prizes for the winner of the Band Battle. (In Timmendorfer Strand, Germany, the prizes were handed out by the mayor!) Best of all: Every band, whether old or new, young or old, has a chance to win — because it’s not just about the music but also about those many key aspects of the music business, from presentation to how you engage your audience. The jury has to rate in 13 different categories, so there are plenty of opportunities to win.

This unique course will teach you about music and give you a glimpse into the exciting world of live music— the ups and downs, the reality, the rewards of the business. Whatever your age and stage, you’ll learn that the way to the “rock Olympics” is not always easy and just what it takes to achieve your goals and dreams!


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Unser Auftrittsradius: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

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School of Rock-Fan-Shop: www.schoolofrock.spreadshirt.de und Qualitätsunterricht! Der Einzelunterricht beträgt bei 4x60 min. pro Monat nur 60 Euro! Wir unterrichten Schlagzeug/Bass/Gitarre, vermitteln aber auch gerne andere Instrumente. Unser sehr umfangreiches School of Rock-Programm kostet nur 25 Euro pro Monat. Weitere Informationen gibt es via E-Mail oder auf der Homepage.

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